Collection: Throw Blankets & Carpets

The Cozy Charm of Sheep Wool Carpets  and Throw Blankets


In the cold winter months, nothing beats the warmth and comfort of a sheep wool blanket or throw blanket. Not only do they provide an extra layer of coziness, but they also add a touch of charm to any living space.

Benefits of Sheep Wool Blankets

Natural Insulation

  • Keeps you warm in winter
  • Regulates body temperature
  • Breathable material


  • Lasts for years
  • Resilient to wear and tear
  • Retains shape and color

Stylish Throw Blankets

Versatile Decor

  • Adds texture to a room
  • Easy way to change decor
  • Available in various patterns and colors

Lightweight and Portable

  • Easy to move around
  • Perfect for outdoor use
  • Ideal for travel

Maintenance Tips

Sheep Wool Blankets

  • Air out regularly
  • Spot clean stains
  • Dry clean when necessary

Throw Blankets

  • Machine washable
  • Follow care instructions
  • Store in a cool, dry place

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  • Woolen Carpet

    Introducing our collection of Natural 100% Woolen Carpets, Hand-Made to Add Coziness and Individual Style to Your Home. Our carpets are crafted with exceptional care, providing incredible warmth and can be customized to your desired size.

  • Woolen Blanket

    Supporting Local Artisans: By choosing our hand-made woolen blankets, you actively support local artisans and help preserve the traditional craftsmanship of the Carpathian region. Your purchase contributes to the livelihoods of these talented individuals, ensuring that their skills and cultural heritage are passed on for generations to come.

  • Woolen Carpet

    Premium Quality Wool: Our carpets are made from 100% natural wool, renowned for its warmth, softness, and durability. We source high-quality wool to ensure a luxurious feel underfoot and long-lasting performance. Wool is a natural insulator, keeping your home warm and comfortable throughout the year.

  • Woolen Carpet

    Hand-Made Craftsmanship: Each carpet is meticulously hand-crafted by skilled artisans who bring years of experience and a passion for their craft. They carefully weave or tuft the wool, paying close attention to every detail to create a carpet that is not only beautiful but also crafted to stand the test of time.

  • Woolen Blanket

    Experience the warmth, beauty, and cultural significance of our hand-made woolen blankets from the Carpathian region of Ukraine. Embrace the artistry and legacy of Ukrainian craftsmanship in your home or share the gift of a truly exceptional and unique blanket with someone special.

    Indulge in the comfort and elegance of our hand-made woolen blankets today and discover the magic of the Carpathian region's rich cultural tapestry.

  • Woolen Carpet

    Customizable Size: We understand that every space is different, which is why we offer the option to customize the size of your woolen carpet. Whether you need a small rug or a large area carpet, we can tailor the dimensions to perfectly fit your requirements. This allows you to achieve a seamless and harmonious look in your home.

  • Woolen Carpet

    Versatility and Functionality: Our woolen carpets are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional. They provide insulation against cold floors or furnitura for the terrace, absorb sound, and act as a barrier to trap dust and allergens, promoting a healthier indoor environment. The natural resilience of wool fibers ensures that the carpet maintains its shape and appearance even in high-traffic areas.

  • Woolen Carpet

    Individualized Home Style: Our woolen carpets are designed to add a touch of individuality and style to your home. Whether you prefer a classic, minimalist design or a vibrant, patterned carpet, we offer a range of options to suit your personal taste and complement your home decor. Create a unique and welcoming ambiance with a custom-made carpet that reflects your individual style.

  • Woolen Carpet

    Sustainable and Eco-Friendly: Choosing natural woolen carpets supports sustainable practices. Wool is a renewable resource, and its production has minimal impact on the environment compared to synthetic materials. By opting for 100% natural wool, you contribute to a more eco-friendly and sustainable home.

  • Woolen Carpet

    Cozy and Warm: Our woolen carpets offer a cozy and inviting atmosphere in any room. The natural properties of wool, including its insulation and heat retention capabilities, provide a warm and comfortable surface to walk on. Enjoy the plush and luxurious feel of wool under your feet, enhancing the comfort of your living space.

  • Woolen Carpet

    Cozy Atmosphere: The natural properties of wool make our carpets perfect for creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere in your home. Wool is an excellent insulator, providing warmth and comfort. It helps regulate the temperature of a room, keeping it cozy in colder months and cool in warmer seasons. Our woolen carpets are designed to transform any space into a welcoming haven.

  • Woolen Carpet

    Premium Quality Wool: Our woolen carpets are made from 100% natural wool, known for its exceptional durability, softness, and insulation properties. The wool fibers create a plush and luxurious texture that feels incredibly comfortable underfoot. Experience the indulgence of walking on a carpet crafted from the finest wool.

  • Woolen Carpet

    Invest in the timeless elegance of our hand-made woolen carpets and experience the extraordinary ambiance they bring to your living spaces. Enjoy the pleasure of walking on a carpet that combines impeccable design, superior quality, and the natural comfort of wool.

  • Woolen Carpet

    Sustainable and Eco-Friendly: Our commitment to sustainability means that our woolen carpets are made using environmentally friendly practices. Wool is a renewable and biodegradable material, making it a sustainable choice for your home. By investing in a hand-made woolen carpet, you contribute to a more eco-conscious lifestyle.

  • Woolen Carpet

    Long-lasting Beauty: With proper care, our woolen carpets can withstand the test of time. Wool is naturally resilient and resistant to stains and wear, ensuring that your carpet maintains its beauty and integrity for years to come. Regular maintenance, such as vacuuming and occasional professional cleaning, will help preserve its appearance and extend its lifespan.

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